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The Hard Truth About Soft Skills

What they are. Why they matter. And yes, how to hire for them.

Find Out the Hard Truth About Soft Skills eBook Essential GridThe workplace is more demanding, more complex, more collaborative, and more diverse than it has ever been before. Finding candidates who will excel in this environment means finding people with the right balance of hard and soft skills.

To learn more about how to hire for soft skills, take a look at our interactive eBook and discover:

  • Why employee soft skills matter
  • How they differ across the generations
  • Ways to leverage soft skills for organizational and job fit
  • How behavioral-based interviewing can help find the best candidates, and
  • Suggestions to build soft skills literacy into onboarding and mentor programs

While you can’t hire around a soft skills gap, you can create a hiring strategy that identifies and rewards the right soft skills for each role. Download our interactive eBook, The Hard Truth About Soft Skills: What They Are. Why They Matter. And Yes, How to Hire for Them to learn more today.