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Research Report:

Recruiting from Within and Developing Internal Mobility Strategies

Internal Mobility StrategiesAfter a decade of low unemployment and a candidate’s market, the COVID-19 pandemic has drastically altered the talent acquisition landscape.

When hiring slowed for some organizations their HR and TA teams faced a new challenge: retaining top talent while controlling costs. One possible answer, found in new research by HCI sponsored by SkillSurvey, includes recruiting the best employees who already work for you. Internal talent mobility helps retain top performers, aligns skills to business strategies, and lowers recruitment costs.

Yet alarmingly, 41% of survey respondents believe it’s easier for an employee to find a job outside of their organization than inside. Clearly there’s room for improvement.

HCI surveyed over 250 HR professionals to understand the approach organizations are taking who boast better human capital and business outcomes. They found that these higher performing organizations:

  • Primarily invest in internal mobility strategies to develop employees’ careers and retain talent,
  • 61% of organizations have policies to search internally first before posting a role externally,
  • Organizations face challenges for internal mobility when they don’t have a database of searchable talent profiles, technology to manage the program, a strategic workforce plan, and managers who coach and develop their teams,
  • Are more likely to create career paths, promote programs and partnership, and access platforms and people data.