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The New Status Quo: How to Effectively Bring Change to Your Healthcare Organization

The role of Medical Services Professionals (MSPs) has evolved over the past 40 years from a profession that was primarily comprised of clerical responsibilities, to a profession that now spans a wide range of competencies and capabilities. Yet the heart of the profession remains consistent — being the gatekeeper of patient safety.

Bring Change to Your Healthcare OrganizationToday, having the ability to be adaptable – or act as a change agent within your organization – is in high demand. Yet, just because we live in a world of change, that does not mean this change is easy. Adjustments, big or small, can seem overwhelming and can be met with reluctance and at times resistance. Overcoming these challenges and breaking through to those that are affected by new initiatives or processes is the higher goal to make these changes successful and stick.

During this on-demand webinar you’ll hear from three MSP leaders who have been able to break through and impact incredible change at their facilities by adopting new digital technology to supplement their existing credentialing processes.