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Passive Candidate Engagement – A Playbook

What You Need to Know to Find, Engage and Hire Passive Job Candidates

When it comes to hiring, the rules of engagement are always changing. If your sourcing strategy is limited, you’re likely to find your talent pool is not meeting demand.

Passive Candidate Engagement eBookPassive candidates – individuals currently employed in a position – are a rich source for new talent. Recent studies find that 7 in 10 employees are actually looking at other job opportunities, or are at least open to new career opportunities. So, they’re really not all that passive – and you shouldn’t be either.

Passive Candidate Engagement – A Playbook: A Guide to Keeping Your Talent Pipeline Active and Flowing offers a game plan:

  • Play the social media field to engage
  • Practice ongoing brand awareness and relationship management
  • Tap new sources and find the best of the bunch via online reference-checking and candidate referrals
  • Educate your hiring managers to interact with this audience

Successfully engage and hire passive candidates. Download our playbook.