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Recruiting and Retaining Remote Workers:

The top soft skills every virtual employee needs

89% of business leaders polled plan to retain remote work arrangements.*

The COVID-19 pandemic has remade much of the nation’s reality, and in this new world, organizations are rushing to remake or invent new strategies to recruit, hire and manage remote workers.

Now, many are implementing permanent work-at-home policies for the foreseeable future.

Find out how you can select employees who have the soft skills that lead to effective telecommuting. You want individuals who can master technology tools but it also means assessing things like:

  • Self-motivation;
  • focus and discipline; and
  • a candidate’s ability to stay connected with supervisors and team members.

Learn about new tools that can help you uncover these hard to discover traits in the job candidates you’re evaluating. This e-book shares what makes excellent remote workers—and the most effective way to hire them.

Download the ebook: Recruiting and retaining remote workers: The top soft skills every virtual employee needs

*source: PwC June 2020 Remote Work Survey