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5 Ways Reference Checking Can Be Your Secret Weapon and Drive Better Hiring Outcomes

Increase hiring effectiveness, drive recruiting efficiency and build a strong candidate talent pipeline by rethinking your approach to reference checking.

Transform Reference Checking into a Strategic AssetThe competition for top talent grows fiercer by the day. Your organization can’t afford to spend time and resources that result in bad hiring decisions. Organizations want and need predictable and consistent hiring outcomes.  What’s more, good candidates are hired quickly. So you need hiring processes and insight that helps you identify the right candidates, reduce time-to-fill, while winning the war for talent.

Download this brief white paper “Transform Reference Checking Into A Strategic Asset”  and you’ll discover how to use an automated, online reference checking approach to:

  • Increase recruiting efficiencies and speed time-to-fill (we’re talking about an 80% reference response rate in less than two business days)
  • Quickly build a strong candidate pipeline
  • Support better, more compliant hiring practices
  • Champion diversity

Discover how you can turn reference checking into your secret weapon and drive better hiring outcomes. Download Transform Reference Checking into a Strategic Asset: 5 Ways to Set Your Organization Apart.