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SkillSurvey Reference®

The platform that's changing the way companies Reference Check

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Revolutionized reference checking

Data-driven insight provided by references has changed the way recruiters hire.

It works on the simple but powerful truth that past job performance is the most accurate indicator of future job performance.

Let's dive in

SkillSurvey Reference –
Here’s how our patented
Pre-Hire 360® process works:

It's easy too: just use the Survey Selector to choose from our library of hundreds of scientifically-created surveys.

Here's an example of a text request

If you're a staffing firm, you can also manage this process by entering references on behalf of your candidates

For unique workforce needs, there is also a customer configured workflow that lets you set the number of references or change the confidentiality requirements.

They even enter candid, verbatim feedback about the candidate.

Need additional insights? There are options to add the percentile of the ratings within a norm group of like candidates.

One dashboard to rule them all

So you can access information about your candidates.

And view the status of their reference checks.

Then turn those reference checks into assessment reports you can use earlier in the hiring process.

And if you sent several applicants the same survey, you can use our Candidate Comparison Report to easily review all candidate information in one easy to follow report.

You can even provide your hiring manager with a behavioral-based interview guide to help them consistently interview candidates.

The SkillSurvey Reference® Advantage

The SkillSurvey Reference® Advantage

When you can manage your candidates with data-driven insight, the results speak for themselves:

A 95% reduction in time spent chasing references.

A 35% drop in new hires being terminated.

A drastically improved recruitment operation.

It’s why more than 90% of recruiters who use SkillSurvey Reference® keep coming back for more.