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A wireless infrastructure leader attracts talent using new digital recruiting technologies

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The aha moment

“When we launched, and the first reference check was done in a day and a full report was available that could be sent to our hiring manager’s inbox, that was the aha moment. We realized that it was such a fast and efficient way to do things and it allows references to provide that data to us.”

Sean Rego
Director of Talent Acquisition and Development
SBA Communications Corporation

“We’re using data and analytics in everything we do, that’s our great story. We reference check every single person we hire. It’s critical from a consistency standpoint – plus it’s providing us a ton of information about the person. It allows us to do a better job when we bring them into an interview and it allows the hiring manager to have a better understanding of opportunities for development.”

Sean Rego

Director of Talent Acquisition and Development, SBA Communications

The challenge

SBA Communications Corporation, a leading independent owner and operator of wireless communications infrastructure across North, Central and South America has experienced tremendous growth as mobile device usage has skyrocketed. This has meant accelerating hiring volume for the organization. Sean Rego, the company’s head of talent, meets the demand by employing the latest digital strategies including talent analytics, texting and online reference checking to reach a diverse workforce and optimize recruiting processes.

SBA Communications hires for a diverse range of workforce segments that encompass field roles like technicians, tower climbers, and construction supervisors to corporate roles such as sales people, marketing managers, analysts, accountants and managers.

When Sean Rego came on board, the legacy processes in place were not enough to support the new demands of a fast-growing company. “Our goal is always the same… recruit the best and the brightest in the most effective and efficient way all while producing a great candidate experience. The way we do that continues to change and there are many paths, but, using data and metrics can help us to make better decisions with our strategy and plan.”

Sean has made use of new recruiting tools to manage processes more efficiently and access the data the team needs to make more strategic decisions, report on its progress and understand historical trends.

Data and analytics – the team now monitors overall recruiting metrics that help it advocate for resources, build its credibility company-wide, and improve its recruitment marketing decisions.

Shortened time to fill – average time to fill is now 30 days or less for all positions.

$2 million reduction in third party spend – cost per hire has been reduced and is below the national averages.

New digital technologies for recruiting and reference checking – the team uses texting and social media advertising for hard to reach field candidates who may not be using a job board. The team also implemented SkillSurvey Reference® for more efficient and insightful reference checking.

Passive sourcing

“It is also incredibly helpful that references are now becoming potential candidates – they’re expressing potential interest and they start doing their research. It’s more than a referencing checking tool – it’s a source for the best hires we’ve made.”

Sean Rego

Director of Talent Acquisition and Development, SBA Communications

About SBA Communications

You can hear Sean Rego tell his recruiting transformation story in in this Human Capital Institute webinar:

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