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Soft Skills, Hard Benefits

Assessing the Key Predictors of Successful Hires

Soft Skills Hard Benefits eBookDid you know that 46% of newly hired employees will fail within 18 months?*

We harness best-in-class approaches and frameworks for Human Resources professionals to increase hiring success.

This eBook illustrates how employee soft skills can translate into hard benefits for your company:

  • 6 primary soft skills that will influence a candidate’s future success.
  • What you might be missing and how the process should work.
  • The best predictor of future success? Past performance.
  • Collecting references from former managers and colleagues to collect critical success predictors.

This is all part of new predictive talent analytics that will change the way HR approaches the hiring process and assess the things that really matter to long term job success – and company results.

Download the eBook now to learn more: Soft Skills, Hard Benefits.

Source: “Hire for Attitude” Forbes, January 23, 2012

Assess soft skills during your hiring process.

With SkillSurvey Reference and our Pre-Hire 360 reference process, we make it quick and easy to get meaningful, predictive insights on a candidate’s past performance. References provide feedback via one of the hundreds of confidential, job-specific surveys which cover the core competencies and soft skills critical for success on the job.

Our reports provide a summary of the reference ratings for each of the competency areas, including things like professionalism, interpersonal skills, problem-solving/adaptability, and personal value commitment. For leadership and management roles, references also provide feedback on a candidate’s leadership and ability to manage others.

Studies shows that the use of the Pre-Hire 360® reference check helps lower first-year turnover for cause by 35%. Plus, our customers often see an 85% reference response rate in under 2 business days.

Learn how you can reach more references in less time, and get more meaningful, predictive insights on a candidates’ past performance. Take a tour of the solution, or go ahead and give it a try for free.

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