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Winning the War for IT Talent in Higher Ed Hiring

“Hiring and retaining the IT workforce” has been in the EDUCAUSE Top 10 Issues list for the past 5 years, and the Higher Education IT Workforce Landscape report tells us half of our IT staff members could be looking for a new job.

Win War For It Talent Essential Grid

U. S. colleges and universities are expected to spend $6.6 billion on IT this year. Budgets remain tight, and competition for talent is fierce. 

This is concerning information at a time when IT is being called on to support innovation and accommodate new approaches to service delivery and analytics.

Forward-thinking institutions have begun using talent analytics to recruit, hire, and retain best-fit candidates. Read about your peers’ successes, and learn how to stabilize your IT workforce by:

  • Initiating hiring practices that are proven to predict turnover
  • Applying techniques to identify which candidates have the soft skills needed to be successful in IT today, such as initiative, adaptability, and emotional intelligence
  • Reducing hidden bias in your hiring process to ensure the most innovative and productive work teams

Win the tech talent war with data-driven hiring. Download our eBook now.