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HR & Workplace Sexual Harassment:

“Me Too” or “Not Us?”

HR & Workplace Sexual Harassment Essential GridAs we’ve seen from recent headlines sexual harassment claims cut across all industries; from corporate and blue-collar America, to politics, Hollywood and education. In response to the rise in claims, a recent LinkedIn Global Talent Trends report found that more companies now consider preventing sexual harassment to be a business necessity. And organizations that take a “not me” attitude are setting themselves up for potential disaster. Harassment is not just a legal liability, but also a serious reputational and business risk.

Take a listen to our on-demand webinar as Michelle Reed, CMO at SkillSurvey and Michelle Ward, MS, SPHR, Employee Relations Director at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs discuss how we got here, the challenges that contribute to this current crisis and how it impacts employee hiring and retention. They’ll also share some practical steps to help your organization prevent and manage sexual misconduct.