It’s no secret that the key to a great healthcare facility is a great medical staff. Finding quality care providers is a common goal among physician recruiters, human resources professionals, credentialing professionals and administrators alike. With this goal as the driving force for everyone involved in the onboarding process, barriers still exist as these departments are typically siloed and commonly repeat processes and such as collecting the same information multiple times.

Linda Van Winkle, CPMSM, CPCS, former Director of Medical Staff Services (30 years) and now SkillSurvey’s credentialing consultant, believes we are now starting to see a much needed shift.

Shift toward centralization

With the rise of clinically integrated networks and, with that, the efficiency advantages to the involved organizations, we are seeing the move from decentralized to centralized credentialing within those networks, resulting in a reduction in duplication of credentialing applications and processes.

The challenge now is to bring the efforts of the physician recruiting, human resources, medical staff services, physician services, and payor enrollment departments together within a shared online credentialing management solution to recruit, assess, and onboard sought-after providers in a significantly shorter time frame.

For example, a digital, state-of-the-art credentialing management system can take a historically lengthy and labor-intensive process such as reaching out to peer references and get those responses back within a few days or even hours, enabling the qualified applicant to proceed through the credentialing process in a much shorter time frame.

The keys to success in this endeavor are enhanced communication among all participating departments and utilizing a solution that incorporates current online mobile technology.

As Linda describes, the challenge with centralization is getting buy-in from all stakeholders in addition to finding a solution(s) that will positively impact each department involved. By working toward centralization and aiming to eliminate duplicative process between departments with technology, your staff members will save time and money while your provider applicants enjoy a streamlined onboarding process that allows them to impact patient care faster.

Discover other industry forces that are rocking the healthcare industry and influencing the shift toward cloud-based credentialing technology in our whitepaper, Cloud-based Credentialing: Next-Gen Solution for Today’s Healthcare Industry Challenges. Learn the benefits of new technology that enables all stakeholders in the credentialing process to review and respond faster and provide immediate input from anywhere, at any time.

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