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Additional Patents Further Support SkillSurvey’s Novel and Industry-leading Approach to Job-Specific Online Reference Assessments
Wayne, PA – January 29, 2015– SkillSurvey, Inc. today announced that in addition to U.S. Patent No. 8,721,340, which was awarded to the Company in spring 2014, the United States Patent office has recently awarded the Company three more patents covering its Pre-Hire 360® solution, namely U.S. Patent Nos. 8,894,416; 8,888,496; and 8,939,768. SkillSurvey’s novel methodology improves reliability and validity to harness the power of big data to help companies source, recruit, and hire new talent. Pre-Hire 360, the Company’s flagship solution, utilizes a unique combination of behavioral science, talent analytics, and data-driven benchmarking.

“We’re very pleased to receive these three additional patents to further protect our industry-leading solution that provides meaningful reference feedback like no other,” said Ray Bixler, CEO of SkillSurvey. “This affirms the unique nature of Pre-Hire 360 and its ability to provide recruiters with unparalleled tools and insights to make better informed, faster and more predictive hiring decisions. It goes hand-in-hand with the scientific, peer-reviewed and published research that has proven that Pre-Hire 360 is predictive of turnover (for cause) and post hire performance.”

Some key features of SkillSurvey’s Pre-Hire 360 that are unique and protected under the patents include:

  • Facilitating reference-checking earlier in the hiring process, before employers decide whether or not to conduct job interviews.
  • Providing job-specific surveys that are configured to ensure confidentiality of all references, which leads to more candid, extensive and reliable feedback.
  • Gathering responses of references to each of the survey questions utilizing a numerical extent scale.
  • Conducting statistical analyses of the competency ratings made by a candidate’s references.