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Hireology Clients Experience New, Faster Assessment Based on a Candidate’s Past Performance
Wayne, PA – February 4, 2015 – Today, SkillSurvey, Inc., and Hireology shared news about an expanded relationship, 2014 highlights and partnership results. SkillSurvey’s patented Pre-Hire 360® has delivered major time-savings, helping Hireology customers quickly obtain detailed, job-specific feedback on a candidate’s past performance. Hireology is a leading selection management platform that helps companies source, screen, interview, verify, and hire the best employees. SkillSurvey harnesses the power of data to help companies source, recruit and hire new talent and Pre-Hire 360® is its flagship solution that utilizes a unique combination of behavioral science, talent analytics, and data-driven benchmarking.

Hireology clients have now conducted reference assessments for more than 900 candidates using SkillSurvey’s Pre-Hire 360.

“Partnering to offer a combined solution to the marketplace is a winning formula for success. We’re very pleased that Hireology has achieved significant time-saving results while being able to get job-specific insight on its candidates through our automated reference checking solution,” said Rob Bennett, SkillSurvey’s vice president of channel alliances. On average, candidates are entering references in less than eight hours. The detailed candidate reports are available in just over a day, with more than 87% percent of references responding.

Hireology partnered with SkillSurvey in January 2013 to add automated online reference checking to its existing candidate hiring tools. Since then, Hireology has received reference feedback from more than 2,800 references answering job-specific questions. Hireology customers have utilized more than 100 of the job-specific surveys in Pre-Hire 360. The information has helped their clients identify top performers and others who may be in need of coaching in specific performance areas.

SkillSurvey’s cloud-based online reference solution collects job-specific insights from a candidate’s references and provides human resources and recruiting professionals with valuable intelligence for making better hiring decisions.

Hireology’s most popular surveys are for inside sales and customer service jobs, followed by administrative professionals. In Hireology’s experience, more than 55% of the references are past managers, which gives a clearer and more credible look into a candidate’s past.