SkillSurvey, Inc., the leading provider of confidential, science-based reference assessments that help employers make better hiring decisions, today announced that it is consistently processing references on more than 50,000 candidates each month, reflecting its growing client base and the increasing importance of smart reference checking for human resources departments and hiring managers across the country. SkillSurvey has processed roughly 6 million references on over 1.2 million candidates to date.

“Our strong growth shows that companies are recognizing that smarter reference checking is the best way to ensure quality hires,” said Ray Bixler, CEO of SkillSurvey. “This is the latest in a series of key milestones for us this year, following the news that our Pre-Hire 360® solution received a U.S. patent this March. By bringing reference assessments online and moving the reference-checking process to the pre-interview stage, companies are avoiding problem hires, bringing in better talent and saving time and money in the process.”

“SkillSurvey is clearly on a roll, and we look forward to helping more companies across industries make better-informed and more successful hiring decisions, based on our scientifically-validated, behavior-based reference assessments,” said Ray Bixler.

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