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The Future of Work

We can all agree that 2020 was a year that none of us will forget. While everyone adjusted their lives in response to the pandemic, the future of work came in an instant – with digital processes, remote hiring, and growing awareness of AI solutions impacting recruiters.

In spite of being socially distanced from each other in our home offices and learning how to do things differently, the SkillSurvey team made it one of our most productive years ever.

We’re bringing new solutions to organizations that extend our market leadership and meet today’s talent needs! We’re extremely proud that we have enhanced our solutions to help employers assess candidates for their ability to work remotely, to remove bias in their hiring process, and to automate feedback collection to provide ongoing post-hire insights. Here’s a summary of highlights and links to learn more.

Reference checks return to pre-pandemic levels

Back in March, at the start of COVID-19 and when employers stopped hiring, we saw a subsequent decline in candidates being reference checked. By the end of summer, however, we started to see the number of candidates rise, and by September, reference checks were back up to pre-pandemic levels.  We are pleased to know that our solution is helping so many clients obtain insights with a simple digital process that delivers deep feedback and insight. And with over 2 million employment references providing this feedback, we also helped employers with their critical sourcing needs.

New insight to assess your candidates’ Ability to Work Remotely

With the acceleration of remote work environments, employers need insights to evaluate candidates who can work without direct supervision and remain productive and engaged. Our Analytics team devoted their time this spring to creating a new competency cluster (Ability to Work Remotely) on our reference feedback reports to help you assess the skills that are critical to successfully working remotely.

Digital peer referencing helps speed healthcare practitioner onboarding

As medical staff services teams became home-based and healthcare personnel switched to telemedicine, our digital peer referencing helped them to speed up this critical process which helps onboard vitally needed healthcare practitioners as quickly as possible. We also launched new digital forms that are digitizing many other credentialing requests for information.

Our new post-hire solution automates data collection to evaluate candidate experience, hiring manager satisfaction, employee engagement, and reasons why employees may choose to leave your organization

We’ve always been focused on employee retention – conducting many post-hire validation studies that show our reference checks lead to better post-hire results. But now we’re taking it a step further with our biggest release of 2020 that will provide our clients with access to post-hire feedback every day. SkillSurvey Post-HireTM automates feedback collection throughout the employee lifecycle to support diverse workforces and changing environments. Gain a more holistic view of your hiring and talent management efforts to boost onboarding and improve engagement and retention. Watch this ondemand webinar or schedule a 1-1 demo to learn more.

More to come! the release of the Supervisor Workflow in SkillSurvey Post-Hire

The Supervisor Workflow will launch in January to SkillSurvey Post-Hire. It provides:

  • Supervisor Feedback on Recruiting
  • Supervisor Feedback on Employees:
  • Involuntary Exit Feedback: 

You can read more details about the supervisor workflow in this blog post.

New surveys for today’s hiring needs like “Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer” and “Contact Tracer”

No other vendor has a job-specific survey library that numbers in the hundreds so you can make sure you’re getting relevant feedback from references for the skills that relate to success for the role you are trying to fill. Our Analytics team continuously monitors workplace trends to create job-specific surveys that reflect changes in business needs, and the workforce in general.

New surveys include:

  • Compliance Risk Officer
  • Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer (CDIO or CDO)
  • Contact Tracer
  • Temperature Taker (with Safety-Related Behaviors)
  • Assembler (with Safety-Related Behaviors)
  • Maintenance Technician (with Safety-Related Behaviors)
  • Material Handler (with Safety-Related Behaviors)
  • Production Associate (with Safety-Related Behaviors)

More integrations with leading HRTech partners

With integration, you can start reference checks right from your ATS or other candidate platform. New integrations include Workday, LinkedIn Talent Hub, and SmartRecruiters, boosting our count to 35 leading interfaces for reference checking and 5 Source integrations. Six more are currently in beta testing! Check out this ebook for more about the value of integrating or see a list of current integration partners.

We’re committed to accessibility and inclusiveness

Our new user interface and all new development is built with accessibility in mind. We also updated language throughout our platform to be gender-neutral and continue to assure accessibility with our new user interface.

The reviews are in!

We’re so grateful for all the great feedback our clients have posted to the G2 Crowd review site. It makes it all worthwhile to hear how we’re helping you hire the best and gain feedback to help you retain your talent. We’re gearing up to bring you even more in 2021.

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From all of us at SkillSurvey, best wishes for the New Year!

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