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With Source you can easily:

  • ico_blue_in-boxBuild your talent database
  • ico_blue_online_messageGet new employee referrals
  • ico_blue_man-with-shieldBoost your talent brand
  • ico_blue_critical-positionsManage talent pools for critical positions
  • ico_blue_maintenanceIntegrate with your ATS and CRM to maximize your HR technology investments

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Ande Kurth

Ande Kurth

Director of Human Resources, Notre Dame Federal Credit Union

“SkillSurvey Reference offers convenience, efficiency and detailed information, especially in a world where most employment reference feedback has been limited to providing only title, dates of hire and pay rate.”

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Susan Collins

Susan Collins

Senior Manager Talent Acquisition, Talbots

“Our reference checking process puts the candidate in the driver’s seat. The quicker they influence their references to put their information in the system, the quicker we can make a decision on our final candidates.”

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Holly Stanton


Human Resources Director for Global Talent and the Americas, Littelfuse

“Candidates have had to broaden their reference base, and that produces more revealing information. There’s no doubt that we’re making better-quality decisions as a result.”

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Donald Klingner, PhD

Donald Klingner, PhD

Distinguished Professor in the School of Public Affairs, University of Colorado Colorado Springs

University of Colorado: Valued SkillSurvey Customer

“SkillSurvey gives us objective information about a number of variables—personal and interpersonal—that relate to a faculty member’s future effectiveness as a colleague.”

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Your data is safe

Your privacy is our top concern. We will only receive the minimum personal information required to help you hire, and we secure sensitive information with industry standard protocols and technology.
SkillSurvey does not provide or sell your information to third parties and will not disclose or use your personally identifiable information except in cases outlined in our Privacy Policy, including:

  • Provide customer support in successfully completing the SkillSurvey reference checking process
  • Perform statistical analyses of user behavior and characteristics
  • Measure traffic and traffic trends at this site
  • Support the products and services provided by SkillSurvey
  • Monitor compliance with applicable laws

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What makes SkillSurvey Source different from other online passive candidate sources?

Because a candidate’s references and referrals typically come from the same industry or job area of your candidates, this gives hiring managers a new source of targeted talent. With a growing list of high-quality candidate leads, you can spend more time working on those hard-to-fill positions and less time posting to various job boards or sifting through resumes.

How up to date is the passive candidate information?

It is the most up to date information available. When references and referrals receive a request to participate in either SkillSurvey Reference or SkillSurvey Source they are asked to personally confirm their role and contact information.

Can recruiters engage with passive candidates?

Recruiters can stay connected by sending out communications and alerts about new positions to passive candidates who have opted in.