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SkillSurvey Source FAQs

What makes SkillSurvey Source different from other online passive candidate sources?

Because a candidate’s references and referrals typically come from the same industry or job area of your candidates, this gives hiring managers a new source of targeted talent. With a growing list of high-quality candidate leads, you can spend more time working on those hard-to-fill positions and less time posting to various job boards or sifting through resumes.

How up to date is the passive candidate information?

It is the most up to date information available. When references and referrals receive a request to participate in either SkillSurvey Reference or SkillSurvey Source they are asked to personally confirm their role and contact information.

Can recruiters engage with passive candidates?

Recruiters can stay connected by sending out communications and alerts about new positions to passive candidates who have opted in.

What detailed information is available on the passive candidates?

Recruiters can access detailed the contact information including current title, email, phone and contact information which has been verified by the references and referrals, themselves. In addition, you can choose what information you want to collect from your passive candidates including uploading a resume. This information can be used to build or expand candidate databases (or in the case of staffing clients to gain potential new customers).

How can members of my recruiting team benefit?

Recruiters can search for passive candidates based on key words or criteria as well as distance to a particular location. These searches can be saved as pipelines and Recruiters can be alerted when passive candidates opt-in that meet their search criteria, so they can reach out to them immediately.

I already have another system to manage passive candidates. How can I get these passive candidates into that system?

We have two options:

1. We can integrate with your system to automatically send over passive candidates as they opt-in to Source.
2. You can download an Excel file of your passive candidates on a regular basis and upload them into your system.

May I use SkillSurvey Source as my team’s centralized database to manage passive candidates?

Yes. Recruiters will be able to enter passive candidate profiles in the system including uploading a resume. You may also upload Excel-based passive candidate lists into the system as well. In addition, you may post a link for SkillSurvey Source on your career page for passive candidates to opt-in to your network. There is no limit to the number of recruiters that may access your SkillSurvey Source database.

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