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This was more than a reference. Your survey was developed by psychologists to make hiring smarter, faster, and help minimize employee turnover by 35%. And you didn’t have to fax, scan, or call anyone.

How will my answers be used?


Candid Responses

Phone references tend to hold back. Because responses like yours are confidential, companies get a clearer picture of every candidate.

Useful Data

Your ratings are averaged with a candidate’s other references. And hiring managers can also see how the candidate compares against thousands of others in similar jobs.


More Insight

Hiring managers can use your qualitative feedback and the quantitative data provided to make a smarter decision.

Better Hiring Outcomes

A SkillSurvey report provides a clearer picture with a data-rich view of every candidate
using our Pre-Hire 360 process.

Stickier hires

We know what makes a great hire stick. Response rates and the overall average numeric rating can predict whether a candidate will have a successful first year. And yes, it’s super accurate.

The quality index

From professionalism to problem solving, it’s easy to see how a candidate was rated by their former managers and by everyone who provided feedback.

Your insights

Your candid, yet confidential comments bring candidates to life and provide hiring managers with a complete picture.

Comprehensive comparisons

Hiring managers easily compare current candidates and see how they measure up against past candidates.

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What can SkillSurvey do for you?

Faster Hiring

With reference responses by the next day, we can shave 10 days off the average time spent chasing phone calls.

More Insight

85% of references respond to our job-specific surveys, giving you more insight to work with.

Less Turnover

Great candidates tend to stick around longer. SkillSurvey reduces turnover rates by 35% the first year, which is pretty great.

More Talent

Using the SkillSurvey process, you can tap into a new pipeline of qualified talent, and you don’t have to lift a finger.

Tell your talent acquisition team they'll owe you lunch

SkillSurvey is fast, simple, and flat out works.

Let your your talent acquisition, recruiting or HR team know about what SkillSurvey can do and make their day.

Better yet, try SkillSurvey for yourself. Our free, 30-day trial comes without credit cards, catches, and just a little fine print.

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