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Get the information you need to make the best talent decisions with fast, data-driven insights.

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Get more insights from your reference checks – faster

Whether you’re an in-house recruiter, talent firm, staffing firm or background screener, SkillSurvey Reference® will help you reach more references faster – and gain the candidate insights you need to reduce turnover while boosting performance.

92% faster reference checking
35% lower first-year turnover

Gain engagement and retention data at your fingertips

SkillSurvey Post-HireTM automates ongoing feedback collection from employees and their supervisors in an all-in-one platform


Gain focus via a personalized analytics dashboard
Use insights to improve employee engagement
Reduce early stage employee turnover

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Expand your talent pool

A powerful addition to SkillSurvey Reference®, SkillSurvey Source® will help you build a warm pipeline of talent from job candidates’ references, referrals and beyond.


Decrease time to fill
Increase pipeline quality

Improve your healthcare credentialing

Improve the credentialing experience for everyone involved and get critical data faster with SkillSurvey Credential OnDemand® – the digital peer-referencing solution.


Onboard clinicians faster
Stay compliant

Assess student-career readiness

Take advantage of the latest technology to measure and verify student-career competencies using a proven, scientifically-validated HR solution.


Get a detailed visual report on each student’s competencies
Compare competency ratings by major, region, and against previously rated entry-level candidates

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What this means for you

Hiring solutions designed for key roles

In-house Recruiters and Talent Leaders

Put down the phone and take the guesswork out of hiring. Get the precise insights you need to understand a candidate’s past job performance – so you can better predict future success.

  • Get candid reference feedback from four to five references in less than two working days.
  • Deliver more to hiring managers with detailed reports and interview guides


Michael Mothersbaugh

Michael Mothersbaugh

VP of North America Enterprise Sales, DocuSign

“The reference feedback on candidates is a critical part of our selection process. My team knows it’s required - and not just for individual contributors. We demand to see a feedback report for every level of sales hiring.”

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Ande Kurth

Ande Kurth

Director of Human Resources, Notre Dame Federal Credit Union

“SkillSurvey Reference offers convenience, efficiency and detailed information, especially in a world where most employment reference feedback has been limited to providing only title, dates of hire and pay rate.”

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Susan Collins

Susan Collins

Senior Manager Talent Acquisition, Talbots

“Our reference checking process puts the candidate in the driver’s seat. The quicker they influence their references to put their information in the system, the quicker we can make a decision on our final candidates.”

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Holly Stanton


Human Resources Director for Global Talent and the Americas, Littelfuse

“Candidates have had to broaden their reference base, and that produces more revealing information. There’s no doubt that we’re making better-quality decisions as a result.”

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Donald Klingner, PhD

Donald Klingner, PhD

Distinguished Professor in the School of Public Affairs, University of Colorado Colorado Springs

University of Colorado: Valued SkillSurvey Customer

“SkillSurvey gives us objective information about a number of variables—personal and interpersonal—that relate to a faculty member’s future effectiveness as a colleague.”

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Staffing and recruitment firms

Whatever your staffing niche, use SkillSurvey’s cloud solutions to increase hiring efficiencies, grow your pipeline, improve time-to-hire and lower first-year turnover rates.

  • Boost reference check response rates
  • Grow your pipeline with reference opt-ins


Joe Madigan

Executive Vice President at Nelson

“As part of Nelson’s constant focus on optimizing our processes by using the most innovative tools, we began using SkillSurvey for online reference checks. We’ve been pleased with how SkillSurvey has allowed us to continue to streamline the automation of our reference checking process and expand our passive candidate pipeline.”

Jose Mendez

Director of Compliance Operations at Fastaff Travel Nursing

“Online reference checking has allowed us to become more nimble and adds another tool that helps our team succeed.”

Background screeners

Check references faster with a fully-automated approach that’s cost effective, mobile-optimized and managed through a simple online dashboard.

  • Eliminate time-consuming ‘phone tag’ with online reference checking via email or text


Healthcare credentialing teams

Get physicians treating your patients sooner with digital peer referencing that cuts turnaround time and speeds healthcare onboarding.

  • Receive peer reference feedback in just days.
  • Speed application processing with automatic reminders and flag alerts


Jon Pangia

Jon Pangia, DO, FACEP

Director of Emergency Medicine, Grand Strand Medical Center

“Enabling me to complete and sign this form online has allowed me to provide accurate but nearly immediate response to your credentials reference despite not being near a scanner, printer, or fax machine. Thank you for using the available technology to make this part of my job so much easier.”

Kathleen Barrack

Kathleen Barrack

Human Resources, Signature Healthcare

“We are able to get our practitioners on-board more quickly and the applicants have experienced more streamlined hiring through our organization. Getting our new hires up and running as quickly as possible helps us maintain the level of service that our patients have come to expect.”

Terry Bragg

Terry Bragg

Director of Professional Staff Affairs, McLean Hospital

“We used to count on credentialing taking at least two months, and our staff felt like they spent all of their time sending applications and verification forms. The technology is amazing. It frees our staff from paperwork, and the feedback from the clinicians is even better.”

Career center & institutional assessment teams

Get a clear snapshot of student competency in an exclusive program being run in conjunction with the NACE Center for Career Development and Talent Acquisition.

  • Consistently measure and track student ‘career readiness’ and see how they compare to entry-level job candidates in similar roles.
  • Let students invite supervisors, mentors and co-workers to review their recent experience, so you can see if they’ve mastered the skills they need to succeed in the workplace.


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Donna Sosnowski

Donna Sosnowski

Babson College

“Babson has had major success in developing career ready graduates. Our partnership with the Career Readiness Project will amplify and focus our efforts on the skills and competencies that are key differentiators for college students entering the workforce.”

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Matthew Brink

Matthew Brink

NACE Center

Nace Logo

"The Career Readiness Project is a solution focused pilot that addresses the skills/competencies gap which employers indicated is pervasive among entry-level candidates. The pilot project is designed to verify student and candidate competency proficiency at scale.”

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