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The Career Readiness Project

Assess, Measure, & Verify Student Competencies

60+ Pilot Institutions

Measure and verify student competencies using a proven, scientifically validated HR solution. View Founding Members

Thousands of Students

Evaluated by those who have observed their work including supervisors, mentors, and coworkers.

8 Career Readiness Competencies

Evaluations based on the 8 competencies identified by NACE in conjunction with member institutions.

Competency Mastery Must Be
Assessed, Measured, and Tracked

Consistency of Process Allows for Comparative Reporting

Measuring the 8 NACE Competencies

Students invite supervisors, mentors, and coworkers to evaluate their recent experience and they also are asked to complete a self-assessment; Students and evaluators complete their ratings in 8 minutes or less; Institutions measure and assess student ratings for each NACE competency; Feedback is shared with the student.

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Measuring Competencies

Leveraging Proven HR Technology

Leveraging Proven HR Technology

Institutions use a proven and scientifically validated HR solution used by thousands of organizations and 30+ million job candidates and references for evaluating and comparing candidate competencies resulting in two billion data points.

Completing The Feedback Loop

Centers and students receive a detailed, visual report outlining how evaluators rated each student’s competencies; Provides a succinct snapshot of recent performance and competency mastery unlike typical evaluations.

Completing Feedback Loop

Project Highlights

Post-Experience Evaluation

We’ve researched hundreds of evaluations in online & offline formats. This project provides institutions with a proven, scientifically validated, cloud-based solution to consistently measure and track competencies.

Normative & Comparative Data

Using a consistent set of competencies allows institutions to compare and evaluate student competency ratings by major, nationally, and against previously rated entry-level candidates, and provides data to monitor improvement.

Kristin Walker

“Clemson is excited for the potential of this platform to help students get a 360 degree view of where they are in their competency development and allow institutions to strategically identify where to help students further develop to be ready for life after college.”

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Matthew Brink

“The Career Readiness Project is a solution focused pilot that addresses the skills/competencies gap which employers indicated is pervasive among entry-level candidates. The pilot project is designed to verify student and candidate competency proficiency at scale.”

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Donna Sosnowski

“Babson has had major success in developing career ready graduates. Our partnership with the Career Readiness Project will amplify and focus our efforts on the skills and competencies that are key differentiators for college students entering the workforce.”

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