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Gain comprehensive data on your students’ readiness for the workplace

SkillSurvey Career Readiness™ helps you prepare students for a successful transition.

It’s a proven HR solution that provides feedback on the critical competencies desired by employers following student work experiences.

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Understand competency gaps

SkillSurvey Career Readiness provides career centers, internship coordinators, co-op offices, and those who manage student employment an easy to use HR tool to assess students’ skills following their work experiences. The post-experience evaluations were developed by I/O psychologists and align with program of study and the eight NACE competencies.

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Simplify the evaluation process

Deliver convenience and gain measurable, comparative data insights. No more chasing students or employers to complete evaluations. Automatic reminders and mobile accessibility improve response rates and the consistent process outshines haphazardly returned questionnaires. Student competency levels are uniformly reported and compared to other students and entry-level employees in similar roles.

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Use student development tools

A personalized and visually engaging assessment that helps identify gaps in self-awareness. Engage students with coaching recommendations based on direct supervisor feedback. Students complete the same self-assessment as their evaluators and can see in the report their own self-perception compares in each competency area. Provide students feedback on their Career Readiness Level and their Index score as compared to students and entry-level professionals nationally.

Deliver a one-of-a-kind Career Readiness Report

Identify strengths and improvement areas through individual ratings for each of the 8 NACE competency areas and evaluators’ qualitative comments. A “How Do I Compare” section shows students the competencies deemed most essential to employers, how their evaluators rated each competency, and how the student rated themselves. These in-depth insights are available in just a day or two and can include custom questions from your institution.

Demonstrate student preparedness and benchmark success

When your institution uses SkillSurvey Career Readiness, you’ll gain uniform data to benchmark your students’ performance year over year and against other students nationally and entry-level job candidates in similar careers. Armed with macro data, you can analyze key outcomes, identify trends and gain actionable insights to enhance programs.

The solution leverages the eight competencies defined by The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), through a task force of college career services and employers.

Critical Thinking/Problem Solving
Oral/Written Communication
Teamwork/ Collaboration
Digital Technology
Professionalism/ Work Ethic
Career Management
Global/Intercultural Fluency

Nationally Recognized

SkillSurvey Career Readiness was recently recognized with an Education Technology Breakthrough Award for Best Competency Education Solution.

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How does our institution benefit from joining the Career Readiness Project Pilot?

Your institution will be a part of a select group of NACE member institutions chosen nationally to pilot the first-ever consistent and comparable way to measure their students’ work competence against the eight NACE competencies following an internship, co-op or on-campus job.

Can my institution add custom questions to the evaluations?

Yes. Each institution can supplement the 28 behavioral questions asked on every evaluation with custom questions (e.g., multiple choice, open-ended, scale) by academic department or type of work experience. The platform provides flexibility for various departments to capture data which is critical for their programs while maintaining a consistent and comparable way to measure against the eight NACE competencies across the entire institution and other students nationally.

Are the work behaviors the same on for all types of internships, co-ops or on-campus jobs?

No. SkillSurvey’s I/O psychologists tailored more than a dozen evaluations to include aspects of job-related performance related to specific types of internships or co-ops (e.g., Finance, Engineering, Computer Science, Communications, Research). 

What happens after our institution completes the initial phase of the project?

An aggregate report will be prepared by the Career Readiness Project team highlighting how your students compare against other students nationally along with actual entry-level professionals in similar roles against in the eight NACE competencies. The Career Readiness Project team will coordinate a date and time with you to present these findings to key stakeholders at your institution.