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Hire the talent your organization needs, and do it fast.

HR is under pressure. You need to hire people faster (and keep them for longer), and improve the candidate experience – all while you boost your hiring brand.

We help you become a truly strategic partner to your hiring managers – with data-driven tools and support – so you can:

Improve efficiency and fill positions faster

It used to take up to a month for the University of Colorado Colorado Springs to get written letters of recommendation. Now they get online reference feedback within 48 hours.

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Find the exact mix of competence and behaviors

We helped Docusign find better hires – recruiting new candidates from their references and saving tens of thousands in recruiting fees.

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Cut costs associated with time-to-fill and high turnover

A major healthcare provider reduced the time spent on reference checking by 92%, saving 422 work weeks.

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Prepare for interviews and easily compare candidates

Enterprise-sized distribution company HD Supply can make more informed hiring decisions by using SkillSurvey Reference® to obtain insights from 3–5 references in less time.

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Build greater compliance into your hiring process

Non-standard reference forms and guidelines for storing information were potential legal concerns for one major university, but now rich feedback informs managers before the interview.

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Tailor how reference checks are conducted for different jobs, types, groups or levels of employees

With insights that helped them narrow down their interview pool and ask better questions, Adventist Healthcare was able to fill 50 positions in 60 days.

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We help organizations across multiple industries and sectors:


To deliver the highest quality of care, and keep patient satisfaction high, you need to look beyond qualifications and hire a patient-centric workforce.

We help you obtain critical insights on those who deliver care – on soft skills as well as qualifications – with more than 150 healthcare job-specific surveys.

Hospitals using SkillSurvey’s Reference’s Pre-Hire 360® process have statistically higher HCAHPS scores than others, outperforming similar hospitals in nine out of ten areas of patient satisfaction.

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Higher education

Our scientifically validated, behavior-based surveys take the guesswork out of higher education hiring. We’ve developed hundreds of job-specific surveys for 23 different job families (and that includes surveys for faculty, deans and advisors) to help you learn exactly what you need to know about your candidates.

We help you look beyond qualifications to hire for soft skills and civility, so you can hire the individuals who can thrive – and support one another – in a diverse environment.

You can do all of this faster, more efficiently, and more objectively, with tools and processes that remove bias from your hiring process

How our solutions do it…

SkillSurvey Reference

Automated, cloud-based referencing that tells you what you need to know

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Speed hiring processes

Easily configure and automate referencing workflows with our job-specific surveys or your own questions – and manage everything in the cloud.

Reach more references easily

Make it easy for your references to respond wherever they are, on any device – even via text messaging.

Lower first-year turnover

Use predictive analytics and data-driven reporting to minimize the likelihood of making a bad hiring decision.

Integrate seamlessly

Get more from your existing HR technology without disrupting processes. SkillSurvey Reference® integrates easily with your CRM or ATS.

Calculate your potential savings

See how much you gain with online reference checking. Try out our reference check ROI calculator.

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Compare screening methods

See how an online, automated solution differs from other screening methods. Try out our comparison tool.

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SkillSurvey Source

A better way to build a warm candidate pipeline

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Grow your candidate pipeline and boost your talent brand

Create custom branded opt-in pages, links and forms to recruit not just references and referrals, but also visitors to your website and careers page.

Increase pipeline quality and decrease time to fill

Get a head start on newly opened positions with a powerful talent database at the ready – then use smart dashboards to visualize the up-to-date candidate information.

Automate candidate tracking, alerts and messaging

Get notified when new leads match precise skill or location needs, flag relevant talent for future consideration, and send targeted messages to individuals or groups to promote open positions.

Maximize your recruitment technology investment

Get more value from your existing technology. We integrate with your CRM or ATS so you can work in your system of record for greater consistency, efficiency and results.

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Most references say very little. How does SkillSurvey Reference get actionable feedback from references?

At least 85% of references complete the survey and offer candid input. They do so because the system generates and sends them an email request from someone they know, the job candidate. The email includes a link to an online survey that consists of a variety of behavioral based job-specific questions (the competencies that really matter for each job). In addition to being a personal request, within the Pre-Hire 360 workflow, references are advised that all of their feedback will remain confidential and will only be provided to the hiring organization in a report that averages all of the references’ ratings.

How do you indicate results or ROI of using SkillSurvey Reference?

A study published in the International Journal of Selection and Assessment examined the correlation between pre-hire reference ratings and performance on the new job. The question asked was this, could reference feedback and ratings from the Pre-Hire 360 process truly be used to predict future work performance? According to this peer-reviewed, published research, organizations that utilize pre-hire performance data in their hiring process achieve clear benefits: Anticipate future performance – The higher the references’ performance rating, the better the supervisor performance review once on the job.

Reduced turnover – Our customers have experienced first-year turnover reductions of 35 percent. Improve satisfaction – By selecting employees with a track record of exceptional customer service as perceived by their references, overall customer satisfaction scores increased by an average of 16 percent year-over-year. To explore how these results can benefit your organization, check out our ROI calculator.

What makes SkillSurvey Source different from other online passive candidate sources?

Because a candidate’s references and referrals typically come from the same industry or job area of your candidates, this gives hiring managers a new source of targeted talent. With a growing list of high-quality candidate leads, you can spend more time working on those hard-to-fill positions and less time posting to various job boards or sifting through resumes.

How can members of my recruiting team benefit?

Recruiters can search for passive candidates based on key words or criteria as well as distance to a particular location. These searches can be saved as pipelines and Recruiters can be alerted when passive candidates opt-in that meet their search criteria, so they can reach out to them immediately.