Providing more opportunity for students from all types of backgrounds is one of the greatest challenges facing higher education today. Institutions strive to increase enrollment of underrepresented groups while also providing the support needed to ensure growing retention and graduation rates for students.

The role faculty and staff play in helping students achieve academic success makes it more important than ever for colleges and universities to reduce bias in the hiring process to help promote diversity and inclusion at their institution.

A new whitepaper discusses how to hire diverse and competent individuals who will engage in behaviors that meet the needs of today’s students. One such method is Pre-Hire reference assessments. Pre-hire reference assessments provide insight on whether a candidate has performed on key traits like treating others with respect –from the people who know the candidate best –past colleagues, supervisors and peers. They provide high-quality data about candidates while eliminating the potential for adverse impact with respect to gender, age and race/ethnicity.

To learn more about Pre-Hire reference assessments and diversity on campus, download our whitepaper: Diversity and Inclusion in Higher Education

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