Here you can find all of the upcoming webinars and events that SkillSurvey will be participating in or hosting.


Webinar: Credentialing Peer Referencing Demo

First or second Wednesday of the month. Recording also available.

Join us for a live or ondemand webinar demonstration of the digital peer referencing capabilities in SkillSurvey Credential OnDemand® to discover how our credentialing engagement solution is revolutionizing the way medical services teams at hospitals and healthcare organizations obtain peer references for their providers. Register for any of these upcoming sessions.


Webinar: Driving Digital Transformation in Recruitment

Thursday, November 29th 3PM EST

Join us and for this live webinar on best practices to help transform your hiring process. During this session, you will gain strategies to more successfully leverage data about your candidates, fully digitize your recruitment process to improve candidate experience and quality of hire, and more.


Webinar: Elevate Your Hiring with Online Reference Checking & Sourcing

Webinars are bi-monthly. Recording also available.

Grab your seat for a demo webinar and discover how easy it can be to elevate your hiring process with data-driven hiring. Register today and see how you can get reliable candidate insights in less time and transform your everyday hiring process with SkillSurvey’s online reference checking and sourcing solutions.

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