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All Types—Public, Private, Community Colleges, and For-Profit Institutions—Are Moving to Online Reference Checking
Six of Eight Ivy League Institutions Are Using SkillSurvey to Assess Candidates

Berwyn, PA – April 4, 2017 – Today, SkillSurvey, the provider of cloud-based reference-checking solutions that deliver faster, more reliable insights, announced that it experienced a 46 percent growth in bookings in 2016 from the prior year in the higher education sector. Tens of thousands of job candidates were entered into SkillSurvey’s online reference checking solution by educational institutions in 2016.

“Colleges and universities are turning to SkillSurvey to add efficiencies to their hiring process, learn more about the candidates they’re hiring, and source new and more diverse candidates for their talent pipelines” said Ray Bixler SkillSurvey CEO, “Whether they’re hiring for faculty, staff, or administrative roles, they know that soft skills such as problem solving, interpersonal skills and the ability to embrace change are critical. These are the skills that support the diverse student populations who will become our future workforce.”

“We are committed to a culture of respect, inclusive diversity and dynamic responsible growth. In order to accomplish this, we need to be sure we are hiring faculty and staff with the skills to support, mentor, and grow our student population,” said Dr. Venkat Reddy, Interim Chancellor, University of Colorado Colorado Springs. “SkillSurvey gives us insight beyond what we see on a curriculum vitae or during an interview. Understanding our candidates’ past performance, as observed by those who have worked with the candidate in the past, is key to predicting their future success.”

On average, clients using SkillSurvey’s online reference checking receive detailed feedback from 4 references in just over one business day. SkillSurvey’s team of I/O psychologists developed a library of job-specific surveys numbering in the hundreds to allow references to provide feedback on candidates on the skills and behaviors that relate to success for each job role. Some of the surveys for higher education-specific roles are Academic Advisor, Academic Dean, Faculty, Admissions Officer, Campus Public Safety Officer, and Residence Hall Director, to name a few.

“We just completed a search for a senior level executive; and, as always, the SkillSurvey report was key!” said Dale Cochran, Assistant Creative Director and Director of Design and Digital Services for the Office of Creative Services at Clemson University. “Having the SkillSurvey reference report available before we conduct final interviews is critical, because we can explore inconsistencies in the way the references view the candidate versus how the candidates present themselves.”

SkillSurvey has a 30-day Free Trial program to demonstrate how it has streamlined and transformed what is typically considered a time consuming and labor intensive reference-checking process. Organizations can experience a scalable, online, automated process that delivers in-depth, job-specific feedback from references on a candidate’s soft skills that are critical for success. Organizations can sign-up at /reference-free-trial/.

About SkillSurvey®

SkillSurvey is the leader in online reference checking, sourcing and credentialing, providing immediately useful insights to help employers make better hiring decisions. SkillSurvey speeds hiring for commercial, higher education, healthcare, and staffing and recruiting organizations. Its cloud-based referencing, sourcing and credentialing solutions answer vital questions that help organizations hire the right people for every role.

Pre-Hire 360® provides insight into past job performance and is proven to predict future turnover, hiring manager satisfaction, and performance ratings. An unmatched library of scientifically-designed surveys produces job-specific data employers can trust. SkillSurvey SourceTM, an extension of Pre-Hire 360, helps recruiters source, engage and manage a more robust candidate pipeline through references and referrals. SkillSurvey Credential OnDemandTM provides healthcare organizations with a credentialing engagement solution that simplifies and enhances the credentialing experience for all participants. SkillSurvey makes the referencing, sourcing and credentialing process more efficient and effective — helping employers save time and money, grow revenues, and bring employees onboard faster.

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