Today’s online reference checking tools are adding more value to the hiring process than ever before according to an article in HRO Today. According to the article, online reference checking is reaching a new level of maturity.

“One of the true values of HR technology is when a solution can transform a once tedious practice into an efficient, automated one that actually benefits the hiring process,” writes author Debbie Bolla. “Online reference checking solutions have been lauded for doing just that—no more phone tag or unanswered emails for hiring managers. They provide a simple way to gain the information organizations need about potential candidates. And since the technology has been on the market for a few years, it’s hitting a maturity level where it’s adding even more strategic levels of value to HR.”

The article also quotes SkillSurvey CEO Ray Bixler who says that some organizations are leveraging reference checking earlier in the hiring process. They are then using that feedback to develop interview questions that can gain further insight into any  specific areas identified references.

For example, a reference may inform a specific skill that a candidate needs improvement on, and the way they react to being questioned about it is very telling for hiring managers, says Bixler. “This leads to healthy conversations.”

Information from the reference check report can also make a difference post-hire. According to Bixler, hiring managers can continue to use the detailed reference feedback review information to place candidates in the best suited roles and to ensure new hires get training for any areas that need improvement.

To read case studies of how many different companies are gaining more benefits from online reference checking visit SkillSurvey’s customer page.

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