How does SkillSurvey play into the Gig economy?

If you want to put an addition on your house, redo your kitchen or have a leak in your bathroom, what is the first thing you do?

You ask friends and family if they know anyone. If they don’t have recommendations, you do your research – reviewing sites and apps like Yelp and Angie’s List – to look for someone with the right experience, who comes highly regarded with great references of a previous job done well.

You don’t just pick someone because they tell you they are the best- you want references that back up that statement. People who experienced and observed their work first-hand and can speak to the quality or lack thereof.

Of course, you can always go the route of the least expensive or even the most readily available and take your chances. They might surprise you and beat expectations, or they might cost you more time, effort and energy than you wanted to spend. Worst of all, you might find yourself having to start from scratch, correcting their mistakes on top of fixing your original problem.

For staffing, RPO and MSP companies who are supplying project based, on demand talent, a resume is not enough. Availability is not enough. If you want staying power in the gig economy, you need a database of freelancers and independent contractors who come equipped with a portfolio of references. This is the talent who will stand out and be re-deployed time and again.

A recent Fast Company article states that the gig economy, “requires significant gains in speed and agility in order to quickly identify work/projects in need of attention, source employees with the required skills, and staff project teams that can quickly perform the necessary task.”

Yet according to a Deloitte University Press survey, only 19% of respondents rated their management of contingent, outsourced, contracted and part-time sources of labor as excellent. Clearly there is still work to be done.

HR technologies like SkillSurvey’s automated reference checking and sourcing solutions, can play a key role in helping manage your contingent workforce pipeline, allowing you to be more agile and quicker to respond to your client’s needs. With SkillSurvey as a technology partner, you can balance a focus on speed and efficiency with quality- a balance that is critical in the contingent labor space.

Our online reference checking solution is a fast and efficient way to gain meaningful insights into a candidate’s’ past performance. And since most great gig workers know other great gig workers, we’ve also created a way for their references and even referrals to easily join your talent network, proactively sourcing top talent for future client needs.

Watch our short video to see how we can help you thrive in the gig economy by reducing time-to-fill, and gaining more referrals and larger talent pipelines in less time.

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