Guest blog post by Linda Van Winkle, Director of Product Management at SkillSurvey

November 1st to the 7th marks National Medical Staff Services Awareness Week this year. In 1992 President George Bush signed Congressional House Joint Resolution #399 proclaiming the first week in November as National Medical Staff Services Awareness Week.

During this special week we recognize and honor medical services professionals (MSPs) – important members of the healthcare team who are dedicated to thoroughly investigating and verifying the credentials of healthcare practitioners.

And I’m so proud to see the video that the National Association Medical Staff Services (NAMSS) has produced to educate others on the important contributions of MSPs.  Working behind the scenes, credentialing staff don’t always get to see the direct benefits of their work. It’s wonderful to hear from the medical staff leaders and hospital executives interviewed in this video who share how credentialing professionals make an impact. From onboarding appropriately-trained care-givers, to ensuring pertinent bylaws are adhered to, MSPs play a vital role in protecting patients and maintaining hospital accreditation.

Check out and share the video:


Congrats to NAMSS on this great production!

For more information about MSPs and the National Association Medical Staff Services (NAMSS), visit

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