Guest Blog post by Zach Lahey, Research Analyst, Aberdeen Group

In this job seeker’s market, HR needs better tools than ever before to elevate recruitment success. Enter pre-hire assessments. Top-performing companies understand how beneficial it is to have a clear idea for candidate capabilities and overall performance. In fact, Best-in-Class adoption has grown by 13% in just the past year.

Best-in-Class companies are:

2.1X more likely to create success profiles of top performers

95% more likely to have a consistent competency model used for hiring

49% more likely to have a process in place to identify high-potential talent

45% more likely to use pre-hire assessments as part of the hiring process

2X more likely to provide hiring managers with insights into whether candidates are good cultural fits for jobs as compared to all others

The bottom line: Best-in-Class organizations grasp that there are multiple steps necessary in order to successfully hire exactly who they need to flourish as a business. Pre-hire assessments are valuable, but they need to be paired with a competency model, profiles of effective current employees, a process to identify high potentials, and synchronization with hiring managers.

Read the full report: Pre-Hire Assessments: An Asset for HR in the Age of the Candidate, published by the Aberdeen Group.

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