SkillSurvey, Toll Brothers and Main Line Health are featured in an article that appears in the Philadelphia Inquirer Business section. According to writer, Jane Von Bergen, companies are hiring again, and they’re hiring fast. The challenge now is making sure hiring managers are bringing on the right candidates for the job.

“We’re aggressively hiring around the country” says Jay Lehman, the vice president of talent acquisition at Toll Brothers, Inc., who notes they use Pre-Hire 360® for nearly all of their hires. “They’ve developed really good questions,” he says, “they can be very technical – if I’m hiring an engineer as opposed to hiring a sales person.”

The article points to how Pre-Hire 360® has helped solve hiring manager’s challenges of getting real information on job candidates.

“Because [SkillSurvey] is confidential, we have found that [references] are so much more honest. The honesty we are hearing and seeing is helping us make better hiring decisions,” said Jean P. Kozicki, recruitment director at Main Line Health System of Hospitals and Health Centers.

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