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Engagement and retention data at your fingertips

Get actionable insights at critical stages throughout your employee lifecycle from pre-hire to post-hire

Boost your talent management success with an automated, all-in-one solution. Coming soon, SkillSurvey Post-HireTM extends SkillSurvey’s proven science and technology to help you gain valuable engagement and retention data from employees and their managers starting with recruiting and onboarding, to the first 30/60/90+ days all the way to the exit interview. 

See how you can ensure long-term retention and employee success

Why is the start of a new hire’s employment so important?

first year

of new hires leave in the first year

first month

of that, half leave in the first month

56 percent

How can talent managers identify areas to improve retention?

Only half of organizations collect post-hire feedback, and most use manual surveys or point solutions.

What can an all-in-one post-hire solution do for you?

improve retention

Gain rich analytics to solve the root causes of turnover and improve retention


Support compliance with industry-leading surveys that are scientifically developed


Automate ongoing feedback collection with an all-in-one solution


Consolidate recruiting, onboarding, engagement and exit interview data in a single platform

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Measure each stage of the employee lifecycle.

confidential surveys

Recruiting and hiring: Measure candidate experience and hiring manager satisfaction

Use confidential surveys to get feedback from candidates and their supervisors

Onboarding: Measure employee experience

Make sure you’re setting new employees up for success.

employee experience

First + year of employment: Measure employee engagement and job satisfaction and job fit via supervisor feedback

Check-in on onboarding, at 30, 60 or 90+ days or set your own schedule.

At employee exit: Measure root causes of turnover

Analyze your employee exit data alongside real-time satisfaction insights, trend analysis over time and pinpoint challenges or areas of opportunity.

analyze data

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