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SkillSurvey president and CEO, Ray Bixler shared his thoughts on what recruiters and hiring managers can do in today’s “war for talent” in this recent column published in HROToday.

“With so much riding on making the right hire, HR has had a recent increased interest in pre-hire performance assessments,” said Bixler. A recent issue of Forbes listed evolving assessment science as one of the nine hottest trends in HR technology, and The Atlantic featured people analytics on its December cover, and how it is ‘already transforming how employers hire, fire, and promote.”

But all of this ‘big data’ can be cumbersome. What should people do who want to make the most of this data and hire more successfully? Bixler addresses that as well.

“What executives should be considering is data collected though a standardized assessment process,” he said. “Reports that include skills the candidates have mastered, what traits and behaviors they positively display at work, and where they have developmental needs should be reviewed during the hiring process.”

“The right pre-hire performance assessment tools can help you better predict the candidates that will succeed in your organization.”

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