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Reference Checking Service Comparison

Your organization is looking for strong candidates to meet challenging positions. Like any functional engine, candidate search and recruitment efforts require many moving parts. Optimizing and securing the outcome of your attempts is critical. Because of this, many hiring organizations utilize the convenience and value offered by outsourced reference checking services or those provided by background screening organizations.

But they may be getting the equivalent of fast food – quick turn-around nuggets and bites of information that are not the complete dish about their candidates. Many talent organizations would really prefer the opportunity to move from reliance upon other companies but are not sure they have the time or the staff to bring this step in-house.

It’s also important to understand the differences between reference checking services, and others who are providing background checks or employment verification – not information on a candidate’s valuable soft skills. (Check out this blog post if you’d like to know more about what the difference is.) Some of the other limitations of using a reference checking service include:

  • The average time to reach references by phone
  • The reference interviews are conducted by individuals who may not know a lot about your organization or the specific role being filled.
  • Your organization losses control of the experience and the opportunity to showcase its brand to individuals who may be potential candidates

The optimal online reference checking process should venture beyond a simple checklist of questions. A well-conducted reference check should:

  • Seek to capture and compare information about candidate’s reliability, strengths and weaknesses, communication and listening skills, and suitability for the role.
  • Minimize the time spent to gather timely and vital feedback.
  • Help reduce turnover by maximizing the outcome of the candidates you select, i.e. lead to better performing employees

This is done when you are using a strategic, relevant, EEOC compliant, well-framed search.

The benefits of going digital with your reference checks

Why not go with an option that, in addition to verifying the direct information a prospective applicant supplies, frees up valuable human resource time, while harvesting much more information that strengthens other vital recruitment and retention factors? Online reference checking technology like SkillSurvey Reference makes this possible.

Additional benefits of reference checking technology

There are many richer outcomes that online reference check technology can produce:

  • Have access to a job survey library that addresses the broad array of positions available today.
  • Learn more about your candidate’s soft skills – including the ability to work remotely
  • Quickly detect potential reference faking that can be investigated and evaluated.
  • Speed up the time spent to reach candidates and their references with SMS or texting and offer a first-rate hiring experience
  • Integrate with your existing ATS or CRM technology and save staff time
  • Review and share reports with hiring managers
  • Utilize reference feedback in interview guides
  • Communicate and share your brand with a broader array of potential candidates, and automatically source new talent
  • Ensure that all your hard won data is supported by reliable, technology that is always available when needed for audit purposes.

A perfect reference checking match…

Your solution assures that timely reference checking

  • Happens fully automatically, slashing the amount of personnel time required to verify and identify any inaccuracies or misrepresentations in a candidate’s profile.
  • Occurs earlier in the search process for all potential candidates, offering valuable data early enough to improve interviews and hiring decisions
  • Provides talent pipeline management so you can manage prospective candidates for either the opening at hand or one that may arise later.

Selecting the right online reference checking solution

Before you select an automated reference check solution, consider whether the technology uses science-driven, verifiable surveys that support confident, strategic hiring decisions. Your evaluation of online reference search services or solutions should examine whether attention has been paid to:

  • Promote bias-free hiring and support EEOC compliance.
  • Ensure that questions are crafted to provide responses that expressly fit the nature of the position.
  • Provide hiring managers with comparison reports so they will be able to weigh each candidate’s ratings to easily compare the attributes for the position.
  • Enrich your talent database through of references and referrals inviting them to join your candidate pipeline.

To see how it works, check out this scrolling tour.

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