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Gain insights that help you find and hire great people faster.

SkillSurvey Reference® helps you create an automated, engaging reference checking process that gives you meaningful feedback.

The best indicator of future success is past performance. Get more insights on your candidates with an online, automated reference checking solution that works for everyone.

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Speed hiring processes

Easily configure and automate referencing workflows in the cloud. Choose from hundreds of job-specific surveys that ask references about the soft skills that lead to success, or use your own questions.

Faster hiring is a top reason to rethink reference checking – but it’s just one of many.

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Reach more references easily

Make it easy for your references to respond to a survey wherever they are, on any device – even via text messaging – so you can reach more references (typically four or more) than you could by phone.

Recruiting globally? Let your candidates – and their references – respond in their native languages.

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Lower first-year turnover

Use predictive analytics and data-driven reporting to minimize the likelihood of making a bad hiring decision. SkillSurvey’s Pre-Hire 360® process is proven to reduce first year turnover 35%.

Learn how you can achieve 35% lower turnover in this webinar.

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Reduce bias from hiring and improve compliance

Developed by I-O experts, our patented Pre-Hire 360® workflow is predictive, reliable and supports compliance with EEOC statutes.

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Integrate seamlessly

Get more from your existing HR technology without disrupting processes. SkillSurvey Reference® integrates easily so you can start or track candidate reference checks right from your ATS or CRM.

Discover how an enterprise company gained hiring insights faster thanks to an integrated suite of HR and hiring solutions including SkillSurvey Reference.

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A simple workflow, backed by proven science

Developed by I-O experts, our patented Pre-Hire 360® workflow is predictive, reliable and EEOC compliant.
  • ico_white_candidate-dataRecruiter enters candidate data
  • ico_white_computer-surveyCandidate enters their references
  • ico_white_complete-refsReferences are sent a survey to complete
  • ico_white_data-reportsData-rich reports are created for hiring decision-makers


Tap into new sources of warm candidates

Build a talent pipeline

Capitalize on your reference and referral network to turn them into high-quality passive pipeline with SkillSurvey Source®.

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What makes SkillSurvey Reference the industry-leading automated online reference-checking solution?

We’re not just automating the process of checking references, or moving online an inefficient, time-consuming, low-value, telephone process. Our patented solution is revolutionary, delivering feedback from references in a much quicker and more candid way that can be used earlier in the hiring process. The Pre-Hire 360 workflow has a growing library of hundreds of job-specific surveys designed to help the references rate the candidate on the specific behaviors that are relevant to a given job. Ratings have been validated to correlate with reduced first-year turnover for cause and better post-hire performance.

Most references say very little. How does SkillSurvey Reference get actionable feedback from references?

At least 85% of references complete the survey and offer candid input. They do so because the system generates and sends them an email request from someone they know, the job candidate. The email includes a link to an online survey that consists of a variety of behavioral based job-specific questions (the competencies that really matter for each job). In addition to being a personal request, within the Pre-Hire 360 workflow, references are advised that all of their feedback will remain confidential and will only be provided to the hiring organization in a report that averages all of the references’ ratings.

How do you indicate results or ROI of using SkillSurvey Reference?

A study published in the International Journal of Selection and Assessment examined the correlation between pre-hire reference ratings and performance on the new job. The question asked was this, could reference feedback and ratings from the Pre-Hire 360 process truly be used to predict future work performance? According to this peer-reviewed, published research, organizations that utilize pre-hire performance data in their hiring process achieve clear benefits: Anticipate future performance – The higher the references’ performance rating, the better the supervisor performance review once on the job.

Reduced turnover – Our customers have experienced first-year turnover reductions of 35 percent. Improve satisfaction – By selecting employees with a track record of exceptional customer service as perceived by their references, overall customer satisfaction scores increased by an average of 16 percent year-over-year. To explore how these results can benefit your organization, check out our ROI calculator.