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Challenges in Higher Ed Hiring?

New Strategies to Help You Hire the Next Generation of Talent

People are the foundation of your institution, and your job is to help identify the candidates who are most likely to make a lasting contribution to your educational community.

But finding and keeping the right talent isn’t always easy.

  • 4 Challenges in Higher Education Hiring eBook Essential GridThe hiring process can be long, and top talent can be lost to other organizations who move more quickly.
  • Unconscious prejudices or bias can taint a hiring process. We need to be sure our committees are overcoming these.
  • A candidate’s soft skills can be even more important than her credentials, yet our traditional methods of candidate assessment don’t do a great job of uncovering them.
  • 50% of senior administrators will exit their current positions in the next 5 to 10 years. Are you planning for and identifying a pool of future leaders?

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