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Assess Your Hiring Risk

Take the quiz and get a personalized risk assessment

You’re great at finding candidates. But great candidates do not always make great employees. Looking beyond the resume and credentials to see what someone is really like is hard.

Find out how you can improve your odds of making better hiring decisions with this assessment.

Get your Hiring Risk Assessment Score

Are you doing everything you can to get the data you need to hire the best talent? Take the quiz and find out.

What you’ll get:


Your hiring risk score


A personalized breakdown of your results


Spotlight on the areas you should focus on


Specific recommendations for improvements


Tales from the hiring trenches


…and it will only take a few minutes.

Have you ever made a bad hire?

You know the one … amazing on paper and great at the interview.. They had all the skills you’d asked for, and everyone liked them.

But they turned out to be a complete disaster, and wreaked havoc on your team and your business.

Lucky you

You’re in the minority. Let’s make sure you stay there.

What went wrong?

Pick the main reason.

Want to tell us a bit more about it?

Thanks for sharing.

Believe us, you’re not alone. Let’s talk about how you can make sure it never happens again.

Hiring mistakes can be traumatic.

Believe us, you’re not alone. Let’s talk about how you can make sure it never happens again.


of hiring managers have admitted to making a bad hire. It’s an expensive mistake, financially and emotionally – and it can happen to anyone.

What are your biggest challenges when hiring?

(We’re taking it as given that finding the right candidate is #1.)

Check all that apply.

77% of employers

believe that soft skills are just as important as hard skills. 16% actually consider them more important than hard skills.

What do you use when hiring?

Check all that apply.

Hiring success

is expected to improve by more than 300% by 2021 thanks to the use of data analytics in the hiring process.

Which do you think is most important?

Drag and drop in order of importance

  1. Background screening
  2. Employment verification
  3. Resumes and/or online applications
  4. Phone screening
  5. Interviews
  6. Self-assessments and/or skill testing
  7. Gut feel
  8. Other

How much do you trust them?

Move the sliders accordingly.

When do you usually do reference checking?

Pick one option.

On average, how long does the whole hiring process take, end-to-end?

Well done

Your hiring risk is low.


Your main area for improvement is:


Other pain points:


Here's how you can do even better.

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