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Florida Hospital


Streamlining the hiring process by integrating SkillSurvey Reference® and Taleo Talent Acquisition Cloud

Florida Hospital was an early adopter to online reference checking working with SkillSurvey since 2009, incorporating both SkillSurvey Reference® and SkillSurvey Source® in its hiring process. As its HR tech stack has grown, Florida Hospital realized the need to further improve the efficiency of its talent acquisition efforts. By integrating Reference with Oracle Taleo Talent Acquisition Cloud, recruiters now complete most employee hiring tasks from one solution, eliminating the need to log onto separate websites for each application. The result has been tremendous time savings, faster hiring and a rapid ROI.

Rethinking their HR Tech Stack Structure

When Florida Hospital began crafting a plan to improve the efficiency of its talent acquisition methods, it knew it needed to reinvent the current recruiting procedures and move towards a more seamless process.

The hospital had a hybrid recruitment model. In hospital locations, Recruitment Collaborators completed initial screenings, then handed the candidate over to a campus HR representative for an interview, and then campus HR sent them to the hiring manager. In non-hospital locations, Systems Recruiters completed the entire end-to-end process.

As they completed the necessary tasks, HR and recruiters used the Oracle Taleo Talent Acquisition Cloud along with separate applications, such as SkillSurvey Reference for reference checking, SkillSurvey Source for acquiring passive referrals, as well as their talent assessment and video interview tech solutions.

The number of steps to process one candidate through each of these programs was tedious. “We had to go to different vendors’ websites for each task,” said Matthew Channing, HR Project Manager for Florida Hospital. “If you only hire 15-20 people a month, you can get by with using separate websites for each recruitment application. But we hire around 5,000 or more people a year.” Florida Hospital knew they needed to consolidate technology where possible – and that’s when they decided to integrate SkillSurvey Reference with its Oracle Taleo Talent Acquisition Cloud.

“If you only hire 15-20 people a month, you can get by with using separate websites for each recruitment application. But we hire around 5,000 or more people a year so the efficiency that integrating reference checking within our ATS solution provides makes a tremendous difference to us.”

Matthew Channing

HR Project Manager, Florida Hospital

Improving Recruiter Efficiency and Experience

The HR department redesigned its talent acquisition processes so that the HR department and recruiters in both hospitals and clinics complete the entire process, reducing the number of handoffs. Next, the hospital integrated Taleo with SkillSurvey Reference, Talent Plus and HireVue to eliminate the need to go to separate applications.

The SkillSurvey professional services team worked with the in-house IT group to perform the integration between Taleo and SkillSurvey in a project that took under 4 weeks to complete.

The completed integration has significantly streamlined talent acquisition procedures. “Our recruitment staff really appreciates having everything in one place,” said Channing. “Not having to log in and out of multiple systems saves us an immense amount of time overall. When you consider that we have 50 people logging in every day, saving those minutes for each individual step adds up to a huge time savings.”

In addition, the critical information the team needs from SkillSurvey on the reference checks is available right from the ATS. “There’s a direct link to a candidate’s full report which is really helpful. That means our recruiters don’t have to spend a lot of time digging for information. Our investment has definitely been worthwhile”

“Everyone from SkillSurvey who worked on the integration team was great,” said Channing. “The SkillSurvey consultants kept us on track and updated. I really appreciated the fact that during integration testing, they provided guidance on what scenarios we should test to make sure we wouldn’t run into issues that would break the integration or wouldn’t work as expected.”

85% Response Rate
On average, 4.5 references respond for each candidate in under 48 hours.
Over 2100
references who opted in to Florida Hospital’s passive candidate pool became candidates themselves.
candidates have been through the SkillSurvey Reference process using almost 300 unique surveys.

About Florida Hospital

Opened in 1908, Florida Hospital is a faith-based institution focused on providing whole person care. It is one of the largest not-for-profit hospitals in the country, caring for more than two million patient visits per year – more than any other hospital in the country, according to the American Hospital Association. Florida Hospital stretches across the state with 26 hospitals, more than 4,600 patient beds, and more than 32,000 employees. The division includes the Walt Disney Pavilion at Florida Hospital for Children, dozens of outpatient facilities and Centra Care urgent care locations throughout Central Florida.

Florida Hospital provides a wide range of health services, including many nationally and internationally recognized programs in cardiology, cancer, women’s medicine, neurosciences, diabetes, orthopedics, pediatrics, transplant and advanced surgical programs. Florida Hospital is a designated statutory teaching hospital and also trains physicians from all around the world on the newest technologies.

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