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Transform Reference Checking into a Strategic Asset

Uncover a New Approach to Set Your Recruiting and Staffing Firm Apart

Transform Reference Checking into a Strategic Asset WhitepaperYour world is moving fast. Competition for top talent is getting fiercer. And your clients want better results today – not tomorrow. Staffing and recruiting firms need to act more quickly than ever before to find talent, reduce time-to-fill, and stand out in an overcrowded industry where innovation, efficiency, and service are key differentiators.

In this short whitepaper, you’ll discover how your firm can gain a competitive advantage by leveraging a new approach to reference checking. Online reference checking technologies are data-driven and can help your staffing and recruiting firm:

  • Increase recruiting efficiencies and speed time-to-fill (we’re talking about an 80% reference response rate in less than two business days)
  • Become a more strategic business partner
  • Quickly build a strong candidate pipeline
  • Burnish your brand
  • Champion diversity

Discover how you can turn reference checking into your secret weapon in our whitepaper: Transform Reference Checking into a Strategic Asset: 5 Ways to Set Your Staffing & Recruiting Firm Apart.