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The Science of Successful Higher Education Hiring

See How SkillSurvey Helps You Hire the Best in Higher Ed

Science of Successful Higher Education Hiring eBookThese days, hiring is a crucial process not only to HR but to your entire institution. That’s because your people are the foundation of your institution. They’re the driving force behind student recruitment and student success. And they’re also key to your reputation. Since hiring the best can positively influence an organization’s costs and performance, it’s no surprise that trends to improve the process are rising.

That’s where SkillSurvey comes in. We truly take the guesswork out of hiring with one simple idea: the best predictor of future success is past performance.

By collecting the insight of a candidate’s past managers, coworkers, and direct reports, we help more than 1,400 organizations make data-driven hiring decisions and deliver better business outcomes.

In this eBook, you’ll learn how:

  • The University of Colorado has been able to avoid risky faculty and staff hires they’ve identified during the assessment process.
  • Clemson University’s HR/Recruitment organization is able to clearly demonstrate their contribution to the university. They saved $1M in potential turnover costs in the first year.

Download our eBook The Science of Successful Higher Education Hiring and discover how our cloud-based, patented approach to reference checking is leading the hiring revolution.