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Hiring for Soft Skills is Hard Work

Seven tips to make it easier for large organizations

Soft Skills for EnterprisesIn an organization with thousands of employees, the need for soft skills is more than important — it’s imperative. 

Since soft skills are often more difficult to identify and measure, it’s important for enterprises to find the right approach to make it as easy and accurate as possible.

The business landscape is changing at such a rapid pace, employers need talented people who can easily adapt, work in agile teams, take on role changes and have the resilience to persist in a climate of high change and uncertainty.

Among the soft skills that are highly sought after are a candidate’s “social emotional learning”– how they acquire and effectively apply the knowledge and attitudes to understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals maintain relationships and make responsible decisions.”

As a talent leader at a large company, you need to gather deep insights to understand how each candidate works with others, handles stress, thinks under pressure, and overcomes difficult problems. But with the hundreds of hires you make every year, you also need to do this quickly and efficiently.

These seven tips will help you ingrain soft skills targeting and assessment across the entire spectrum of your hiring process.