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Sourcing candidates with SkillSurvey Reference and SkillSurvey Source

Sourcing Candidates with SkillSurvey Reference and SkillSurvey Source Whitepaper

75% of the workforce is open to new opportunities, learn how to add them to your pipeline.

As the demand for high-quality talent rises and the need to build a sustainable talent pipeline grows more urgent, you need more options for creatively sourcing talent are needed. Online reference checking can deliver just that with an exponentially growing sourcing channel and digital recruitment marketing toolset. That means recruiters have an opportunity to source talent faster and more successfully than their competitors.

  • Learn how you can source references and referrals with powerful digital opt-in tools
  • Expand your database of new candidate leads and manage unique talent pipelines
  • Keep passive candidate leads warm with nurture emails, and other digital marketing tools

Learn more by instantly downloading the whitepaper: Sourcing Candidates with SkillSurvey Reference® and SkillSurvey Source®.

To see SkillSurvey’s Source in action, view a short video demo and discover how this solution can help you invite references and referrals to join your talent pool, create talent pipelines, and build your brand with custom branded opt-in pages, links and forms to promote your organization.