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Service Level Agreement

SkillSurvey Inc. – Service Level Agreement Commitment

SkillSurvey is a 24 x 7 mission critical service. We know that your success depends on immediate access to the reference information you need, and we’re dedicated to ensuring that it’s always available. SkillSurvey strives to have the most reliable and up-to-date systems available. We rely on our own internal expertise as well as that of our partners to deliver unparalleled customer service. SkillSurvey’s uptime numbers rival those of the best web service companies – for both business and consumer sites. SkillSurvey realizes there may occasionally be system outages due to issues beyond our control. SkillSurvey has established policies which quickly escalate to the proper personnel in the event of any system outage. The remainder of this document covers our detailed service level commitments to all our customers.


System Uptime

Our objective is to meet or exceed 99% system uptime, outside of normal scheduled maintenance. Any scheduled system maintenance is completed on an after-hours basis, with advance notice given to all clients. All components of the SkillSurvey system are proactively monitored and managed so that faults are detected before system outages occur. Our service is hosted by, one of the fastest growing managed hosting companies in the world. is committed to Fanatical Support, their award-winning methodology and business commitment that governs their hosting operations. also provides a guarantee of 100% uptime, outside of scheduled maintenance. You can read more about’s customer commitment at


Problem Reporting

System problems can be reported in the following ways:

  • Email us at
  • Phone our dedicated customer support hotline at 610-422-3532 or 1-855-842-5251 enter a trouble ticket into the support section of the service.


Customer Support Hours:

8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. EST Monday through Friday.

Severity 1 Support will be provided on a 24 hour by 7 day basis


Severity Level Description Example
Severity 1 A major fault causing serious disruption to business activity and preventing the use of the service for the purpose for which it was designed. System down
Unable to add candidates
Unable to generate reports
Lost data
Severity 2 Significant fault causing the service not to operate in accordance with the specification but still usable with difficulty (e.g. by means of a work-around solution), with some disruption to business activity Candidate Report scored incorrectly
Email alerts not being sent
Severity 3 Minor fault causing the service not to operate completely in accordance with the specification but with no disruption to business activity New user request
Email formatting problem
Severity 4 All other requests for service – from general usage questions, to recommendations for product enhancements or modifications and calls passed on to us for information purposes. The impact on you is non-critical. Training request
Sample document not available



Target Response Times

The target response time is the time taken by SkillSurvey to respond to a reported problem, and to confirm with the Customer that the problem is being managed. Target response time does not specify when an issue will be resolved. The starting point for the target response time is the time recorded when the Customer reports the problem to SkillSurvey, either by phone, email, or trouble ticket system. The finishing point is when SkillSurvey calls or emails the Customer contact to progress the call. SkillSurvey will use its reasonable efforts to meet the target response times detailed below:


Description Service Level
Target Response time during business hours Severity 1 60 minutes
Severity 2 2 hours
Severity 3 4 hours
Severity 4 24 hours
Target Response time during non-business Hours Severity 1 60 minutes
Severity 2 to 4 Next business day




Escalation is the formal notification of a problem to progressively more senior levels of management within SkillSurvey and the Customer, to enable appropriate actions to be taken by both parties to address the problem. Escalation levels and target wait times are defined as follows:


Problem Escalation / Severity Wait Times (during Service Hours)
Escalation Level SkillSurvey Customer

Severity 1

Severity 2

Severity 3

Severity 4


EVP Field Operations TBD

2 Work Days

3 Work Days


Director of Customer Service TBD

1 Work Day

2 Work Days

3 Work Days

4 Work Days


Account Manager TBD

4 Hours

1 Work Day

1 Work Day

2 Work Days


Customer Service Representative TBD

60 minutes

2 Hours

4 Hours

24 Hours


The Customer Service desk will be the focal point for the co-ordination of the escalation within SkillSurvey and will manage the effective resolution of the problem in conjunction with the Director of Customer Service. Escalation to the next level will occur whenever the appropriate escalation wait time has expired. The escalation wait time is measured from the time SkillSurvey is notified of the problem. Each time a problem is escalated, it will be to the next level upwards. At the time of escalation, SkillSurvey will contact the appropriate Customer Service Representative with an update on the estimated time to resolve the problem.