What is the most tedious and lowest value process in the HR industry?

If you’re like thousands of hiring managers across the country, you all simultaneously just yelled one thing:

“Reference Checking!”

You’re playing phone tag all week long collecting the bare minimum of information about your candidates. And, unless the candidate lied about their previous job, they’re going to get hired anyway. Definitely, seems pretty pointless to me.

But what if we told you checking references is also the single most important, highest-value process for any company that cares about hiring the best people for every job opening?

So how can reference checking be so important and so worthless at the same time?

A growing number of remarkable companies have discovered a completely new approach to reference checking. Some of the best run companies in the world, as a matter of fact. All of them known for their people.

They’ve realized that no one knows better how a person performs in a particular job than the people who have worked alongside that person in that job. And by utilizing the talent analytics to be gained from a new king of reference assessment, they can find the best candidates time and time again.

Check out our full Rant on this worthless process and how you can make it as valuable as it ought to be.

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