About Us

We’re changing the way the world manages talent.

SkillSurvey helps talent management professionals excel at critical points in the talent lifecycle to drive business success.

Our patented, cloud-based, solutions allow companies to harness the power of data to help source, recruit and hire the best people for every role in the organization.

Utilizing the data, our customers find the best people who stay longer and do amazing things to improve business performance.

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Our History

In 2001, we changed the way companies hire top talent.

Based on over 25 years of research in job competency modeling, we pioneered a data-driven approach that makes getting important, relevant feedback on candidates quicker, more cost effective and most importantly, when the data is analyzed, more predictive of success.

We’ve had the privilege of helping some remarkable organizations – from leading hospitals to Fortune 500 companies – find the right people.

Created by our fantastic team of experts and scientists, our library of hundreds of job-specific surveys, combined with the talent analytics software system, has helped leading organizations of every size make better hiring decisions.

SkillSurvey’s products and services, including Pre-Hire 360®, are patented.

Our product Pre-Hire 360® won HR Executive Magazine’s “Top HR Product of the Year” and we were named in The Inc. 5000 List of Fastest-Growing Companies.