Physician credentialing is changing

SkillSurvey Credential OnDemand® enhances the onboarding experience for everyone by easing and speeding the credentialing process.

Boost physician satisfaction, cut delays, and start billing for medical services sooner.

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Speed peer referencing

Get your applicants off the bench and treating patients sooner. Physician applicants and responders can provide immediate input from any device, speeding the most time-consuming aspects of the verification process to days instead of weeks.

Check out our infographic on the top cause of credentialing delays – and the costly impact they can have.

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Conduct peer referencing online

Eliminate the peer referencing bottleneck and start receiving complete, legible feedback in less than three days. Send digital questionnaires with the click of a button and references respond using any smartphone, tablet, or computer. Use real-time data to keep department chairs and committee members up to date on red flags and applicant status.

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Cut paper and automate processes

Import and export applicant information easily, and create your own checklists to track primary source verification progress and all documentation. Automate reminders to improve response rates. Set red flag alerts for potential issues or delays, and customize your settings to meet your quality and compliance needs. Evaluating solutions? Ask your vendor this question – and six more – from our tips sheet.

Deliver a first-class applicant experience

Make things easy and quick for your applicants. With Credential OnDemand®, clinicians can easily apply for and request privileges online, and the online forms mean the verification process can start even before the application is completed.

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How is SkillSurvey Credential OnDemand different than the credentialing system(s) I currently use?

Credential OnDemand® is a fully automated, online web enabled solution that allows applicants, providers, references, and affiliated hospitals to respond immediately online without the need to print, complete and sign by hand, then scan, fax, or mail it back to you. It provides a simple and smooth experience for providers completing credentialing applications and delineation of privileges, and for references and affiliated hospitals providing responses, while aiding MSP’s with automated flag notifications and easy-to-understand representation of the status of each application. Credential OnDemand® works alongside your credentialing system and greatly improves the efficiency of your current process.

Can we use our existing applications, questionnaires and privilege delineation forms?

Yes. Credential OnDemand is designed to work alongside your existing system. Credential OnDemand takes your existing forms and delineation of privileges and creates online, automated versions with your corporate logo.

How long does this take to get this up and running and what resources are required?

Implementation takes little effort on your part. It typically takes a couple of months to get fully up and running and much of that time is simply spent on our side automating forms to your specifications and working with you for approval. Training on how to use the system typically only takes an hour or two.