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SkillSurvey pioneered the concept of web-based reference assessments and was founded on over 25 years of research in job competency modeling. We know what behaviors and skills correlate with success in any given job. We help you ask the right questions of the right people under the right conditions, to uncover what you need to know about each job candidate.

As the industry-leader, SkillSurvey supports clients in more than 100 countries across diverse industries ranging from healthcare to manufacturing, retail, finance and professional services. If you are in healthcare, SkillSurvey can help you improve your patient satisfaction and HCAHPS scores: more here.

Our web-based enterprise solutions have helped organizations reach and differentiate between more than half a million candidates and references. In the past year alone, over 300,000 professionals participated in SkillSurvey Pre-Hire 360®, our on-demand, reference-assessment solution for which there is a patent-pending. And, thanks to the SkillSurvey The Q®, our clients are keeping in touch with a vast talent community of over 500,000 prospects.

Our innovation and dedication have earned us a “Top HR Product” award from Human Resource Executive magazine and a finalist position in the "Best New Product or Service" category in the American Business Awards. SkillSurvey has also been named to The Inc. 5000 List of Fastest-Growing Companies.


“Online reference-checking is still a new technology. But, my best guess is that, in a few years, it will replace the telephone-based process, just as email and texting have pretty much replaced unsolicited telephone calls.”

Madeline Laurano,
Research Director for Talent Acquisition Solutions,
Aberdeen Group (HR Executive magazine, March 2013)


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