Revolutionize Your Reference Process

Gain a competitive advantage with increased recruiting efficiencies, reduced time-to-fill and more robust candidate pipelines.

Competition for top talent, increased operational costs and the ever-changing legal and compliance regulatory environment are having a major impact on how staffing firms conduct business and fill positions.

To be successful, staffing and recruiting organizations need innovative solutions. Tools, like SkillSurvey’s patented online reference checking and sourcing solutions, are helping organizations gain a competitive advantage by improving recruiting efficiencies, reducing time-to-fill, building their brand and expanding their network of referrals.

Automate reference checking

Whether you’re an executive search firm, an RPO, a contingency-based or temp agency, or are a niche recruiting firm, like those who place IT or engineering candidates, SkillSurvey offers a solution to fit your needs. With SkillSurvey’s patented online reference checking solution you can:

  • Improve client satisfaction with quicker turnaround time
  • Utilize an extensive job-specific survey library available in six languages
  • Provide your clients with consistent and reliable reports, including our candidate snapshot, a quick one-page view of the candidate containing feedback from references.
  • Leverage a mobile version for faster responses and reports
  • Support compliance with EEOC and OFCCP

Pressed for time

Gain a competitive advantage by leveraging SkillSurvey’s online reference checking solution for quicker reference response times (often in less than 2 business days) and receive insightful feedback from up to five references per candidate. We can also help you significantly increase referrals and build a bigger talent pipeline via SkillSurvey Source, a powerful addition to Pre-Hire 360.

And when your clients renew (and believe us, they will, 95% of ours do), you’ll be free to focus on the things your competitors won’t get to do, fill more jobs.

To learn more, watch a short animated video on Pre-Hire 360 or Source, or give Pre-Hire 360 a try for 30 days and sign-up for a free trial!

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