Rethink Reference Checking

No more phone tag. With Pre-Hire 360®, reach more references and get meaningful, predictive insights on a candidate’s past performance.

Our software is online and the process is fully automated through email
92% faster reference checking

References assess your candidate via a confidential, job-specific survey
85% reference response rate

A data-driven report summarizes the feedback and factors that predict success
35% lower first-year turnover

References and referrals can become candidates, awarding you even more targeted talent
30% of references opt-in

Cloud-based, mobile software

Improve quality of hire with faster, more insightful reference checking

Increase your efficiency, and quality of hire with a solution that provides a fast and easy way for references to provide detailed feedback from any device. Responses are confidential, which means more candid feedback – typically from 4 references in less than 2 days. And you can initiate the reference check directly from your ATS or CRM with fast and simple integration.

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Scientifically patented technology

Reduce turnover and drive better performance

Leverage more than 350 job-specific surveys created by our team of I/O experts that help you get real, validated feedback on the behaviors that correlate with job success.

See how reference feedback can be predictive.

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Data-driven feedback report

Hire smarter and empower hiring managers

Feedback on your candidate’s soft skills is delivered in a detailed, data-driven report. We also offer tools to compare feedback for multiple candidates, prep for interviews, and view system analytics.

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Passive candidate sourcing

Build a pipeline of high caliber talent

With SkillSurvey SourceTM, references and referrals, long considered a great source of candidates, can join your talent community. Keep track of job-specific pipelines, and receive alerts when new candidates might be a good fit for your job opening.

Our Customers Succeed

Mike-Manzo-1“We are turning over about 60 less candidates per year. When you look at it in a dollar sense, we’re saving over $1.5M.”

Mike Manzo, Senior Manager of Talent Acquisition, Brinker International

Susan-Collins“Our reference checking process puts the candidate in the driver’s seat. The quicker they influence their references to put their information in the system, the quicker we can make a decision on our final candidates.”

Susan Collins, Senior Manager Talent Acquisition, Talbots

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Pre-Hire 360 more than an automated online reference checking solution?

We’re not just automating the process of checking references, or moving online an inefficient, time-consuming, low-value, telephone process. Our patented solution is revolutionary, delivering feedback from references in a much quicker and more candid way that can be used earlier in the hiring process. We have a growing library of hundreds of job-specific surveys designed to help the references rate the candidate on the specific behaviors relevant to a given job.

Most references say very little. How does Pre-Hire 360 get actionable feedback from references?

At least 85% of references complete the survey and offer candid input. They do so because the system generates and sends them an email request from someone they know, the job candidate. The email includes a link to an online survey that consists of a variety of behavioral based job-specific questions (the competencies that really matter for each job). In addition to being a personal request, references are advised that all of their feedback will remain confidential and will only be provided to the hiring organization in a report that averages all of the references’ ratings.

How do you indicate results or ROI of using Pre-Hire 360?

A study published in the International Journal of Selection and Assessment examined the correlation between pre-hire reference ratings and performance on the new job. The question asked was this, could Pre-Hire 360® reference feedback and ratings truly be used to predict future work performance? According to this peer-reviewed, published research, organizations that utilize pre-hire performance data in their hiring process achieve clear benefits: Anticipate future performance – The higher the references’ performance rating, the better the supervisor performance review once on the job. Reduce turnover – Our customers have experienced first-year turnover reductions of 35 percent. Improve satisfaction – By selecting employees with a track record of exceptional customer service as perceived by their references, overall customer satisfaction scores increased by an average of 16 percent year-over-year.

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