Pre-Hire 360® Brings Clarity Before, During, And After The Hire

The best time to start the Pre-Hire 360® survey process is early in the recruitment cycle—ideally before you’ve arranged final interviews for the top contenders.  Our reporting tools can help you:

  • Guide the direction of the interview.
  • When the Pre-Hire 360® is administered early in the hiring process managers can probe for more information where red flags have been raised.
  • Differentiate between candidates by competency and other response metrics.
  • Evaluate candidates more objectively.

Rather than the hit-or-miss information you get via telephone reference checks, the SkillSurvey methodology gathers information uniformly for each candidate, providing an even playing field for decision making. The behaviorally-based questions reveal what references have to say about a candidate’s actual performance as observed over time.

  • Improve the efficiency of your hiring process.
  • The automated process saves recruiters time and improves their productivity as well as reduces travel, lodging, and staff time that would otherwise be devoted to candidates whom you can eliminate from the running.
  • Determine coaching and development plans for your new hire.
  • Your on-boarding plans can be tailored to address specific developmental areas identified in the surveys.
  • Be audit ready at all times.

Should your hiring practices be audited, SkillSurvey’s management dashboards validate your use of a consistent procedure and your compliance with hiring regulations such as EEOC.

Pre-Hire 360® is available on-demand and priced as an enterprise-wide solution, so there’s every reason to use it on all positions in your organization.  It works equally well for senior executive positions and non-exempt jobs.





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